Interested? or Committed?

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“Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are your comfort zone.”

Have you ever went through a season of your life where you started something but didn’t finish or follow through with it?  When you first started you were excited to learn and try something new but things just didn’t workout or maybe the passion you had at first no longer existed. What was that thing for you? When you look back were you just interested or were you committed?

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you except no excuses; only results.”

Sometimes when we are just interested in a certain thing we don’t always give it our all or go all in. We tend to sit on the fence and wonder if we’ve made the right decision, or we think to ourselves; “Is this really what I want to do with my life?” We sometimes feel stuck because we believe our interest somehow deserves or serves a place in our lives but at some point we have to make a decision to commit or keep moving forward. Why is it sometimes so hard to make decisions about the best option? Is it because we get attached or is it that we feel like we’ve already invested so much time and energy into what we’ve been doing?

When we are committed to something it’s easy to give one hundred percent effort at any cost because the passion and desire is there. True commitment will keep you in the mindset of doing whatever it takes to produce the best possible results. So how do we move from a place of discovering our interest to making a commitment?

How to determine interest and commitment:

1.) Whats in our mind must match, whats in our heart

When we are truly committed to something and it’s the right thing we will have peace in our mind and heart. When our mind and heart refuses to settle and are continually at war we need to keep moving. One personal example I have is when I was in middle school I was interested in playing basketball, so I tried out for the team. I was a great shooter but didn’t know how to do anything else. I made the team but once I continued to practice I no longer wanted to play basketball. What happened? In my head I was interested but in my heart I wasn’t passionate about it and remained on the fence. If I had a passion for basketball I would have committed and did whatever it took to learn how to play. In middle school I also played volleyball the trumpet and the french horn in the marching band. These things were my life and I didn’t just play I was always striving to get better because my heart and mind were aligned.

2.) Interest is demonstrated in words and commitment is demonstrated through actions.

When we are interested in something we may think or talk about it often but we wont always follow through. One of the biggest ways to test our interest or commitment is to see how we respond when adversity comes. If we are interested we might only do what we can to make things work, but when we are committed we will do whatever it takes to make things work. Commitment will always drive us and push us to do things. Interest will keep us engaged until we discover what we really want.

3.) Interest will keep you busy, commitment will keep you focused.

When we are truly committed to something we are able to focus and give our all in investing in that thing. We figure out ways to make it better and it helps us get better. When we are interested in something  we only sometimes do whats required but not always whats necessary and required. When we make a decision to commit to something we put ourselves in position to have a brighter future. Our interest will keep us engaged for a certain time but at some point we have to discover if what we are interested in is really whats right for us. Once you discover if your interest is what you really want make a decision and commit.

Sometimes we spend so much of our lives trying to discover if what we are interested in is really the right thing for us. This could look like choosing the right career, finding the right place to live, building the right relationships, or choosing the right path for our lives. Whatever the case maybe it takes a-lot of courage to step out of our comfort zone and get to the place where we are no longer just wondering but we have to make the decision of “Is this really for me? ” Don’t be afraid to make the decision when its time because if you don’t it will keep you from moving forward.


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Awakening Curiosity

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“There are no foolish questions, and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions.” ~Charles Proteus Steinmetz

Have you ever wondered why little kids ask so many questions? Think back to the days when you were younger. “What were the questions you asked?” “Why did you ask so many questions?” Is it because you were bored and had nothing else to do? Or is it because you were genuinely curious about life? Curiosity is one of the greatest growth stimulators. Asking questions helps us to gain understanding so we can better navigate through life.

Have you ever wondered why we stop asking so many questions as we get older? Is it because of all the knowledge we’ve gained through education? Is it because we’ve discovered all there is to know about life? Are we just no longer curious about life? Whatever the answer maybe, we have to challenge ourselves to stay curious because curiosity stimulates the growth.

”Millions saw the apple fall , but Newton ask why.”Bernard  Baruch

Our ability to grow through life has so much to do with the questions we ask ourselves everyday. What’s a question that you’ve recently asked yourself ? How has that question expanded your understanding and what other thoughts did that question provoke in you?

Why is it important to stay curious?

1. Curiosity leads to clarity

When in doubt, ask the question. Why do we ask questions? We ask questions so that we can gain greater understanding. When we really have an understanding of what we are doing it is easier to go all in and give our best efforts. Clarity eliminates the stress of the unknown. When we replace fear with curiosity we empower ourselves to overcome the adversity and stresses of life.

2. Curiosity teaches us how to advocate

Curiosity teaches us to want to understand how things work, and not just to accept things as they are. When you learn to ask the right questions so that you can gain better understanding and knowledge, you are less likely to be manipulated and taken advantage of. When we understand how things work we are able to be creative so that we can improve and be more productive.

3. Curiosity keeps us proactive

Curiosity helps us to see problems from different angles. When we learn to see things from different angles it’s helps to grow our perspective. When our perspective grows it enables us to develop and change so the we can live a life beyond limitations. When we are proactive about growing and changing our lives become so exciting because we begin to unlock the possibilities of the future.

Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.”-Bill Cox

I want to challenge you to awaken the curiosity in your life. Begin to ask yourself questions, “How can I get better?” “What do I want to achieve?” “Where do I want to go?” “Why am I doing this?” “How am I going to get there?” Just by witting these questions I feel the ideas and the dreams awakening in my heart. What if our ability to continue to dream through life and accomplish our goals are closely related to our level of curiosity? How does that question challenge you? Stay curious, there is so much more that we have yet to learn.

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Investing in Yourself

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“If you want to invest in something with minimum risk and a guarantee big return, invest in yourself.”

One of the biggest investments we can make is an investment in ourselves. Why? Because our future depends on it. We live in a day and age where the pressures of life puts such a demand on us that we miss out on the opportunity to do the things that will really refresh and be of great benefit to us. How can we really be efficient and give our family, friends and the people who we are in contact with everyday the best version of ourselves, when we don’t have anything to pour out? We’re getting burned out overexerting ourselves on things that don’t add value to our lives.

Think about what life would look like if we really took the time to invest in ourselves. Imagine how mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically healthy we would be. What would happen if we took time everyday to do something that helps us get refreshed and grow? What would happen if we really focused on being better than we were yesterday?

There are so many different ways we can invest in ourselves whether it’s going back to school, reading books, going to networking events, conferences, going on a trip, taking mental breaks, doing something we really enjoy, etc. The investments that we make today will reward us with a great return in the future.

“Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you’re your longest commitment.”

When we commit to investing in ourselves we put ourselves in position to accomplish our dreams, because in order to really see our dreams happen we have to be in a place where we are constantly getting better and changing. How can we really see our dreams accomplished if we are not growing ourselves? “The same old mindset gives us the same old results, new mindset equals new results.”

What are some ways you can invest?

1.) Invest your mind

Investing in your mind is so important because the way you think will manifest in the way you act. We use our minds all day long, every moment of every second of our lives, yet we sometimes fail to realize the power it has in changing the course of our lives. If we can change our thinking we can really change our life. Learning to deal with what’s going on in our head is what will help us to stay healthy mentally. We can grow our mind by reading and listening. What you read and listen to has a lot to do with how we think. Whatever we feed our mind is exactly what we will get in return, so be sure to feed it with the right things.

2. ) Invest in your emotional health

Our emotional health is also  such an important part of our overall health. Our thoughts feelings and behaviors, really help in how we relate to ourselves and others. Being emotionally happy does not mean that we are always happy but that we  are aware of our emotions. We can improve our emotional health by building relationships and expanding our support system, by gaining knowledge so that we are not afraid of the unknown, by getting time to ourselves so that we can better understand our feeling and by refraining from overextending ourselves.

3.) Invest in your physical health

If we really want to live a long time a we have to take care of our bodies. Simple things like drinking  more water, or eating vegetables can make such a big difference in the way we feel and in our energy levels so we can really be able to accomplish our everyday task. Taking walks is another way we can take care of ourselves because it not only helps us physically but it also help reduce stress. Our physical health is so important because it the most visible dimension health. If we really want to be able to accomplish our dreams and live long enough to make a great impact we have to take care of our physical health.

4.) Invest spiritually

It is said that people with high spiritual health is often more resilient. For me personally my relationship with Jesus is one of the most important things in my life. Every day having the opportunity to read, pray, worship or just sit still just really helps in building my relationship with Jesus and helps me to start  my day off right. Growing spiritually can really play a huge role in guiding so much of our lives and as we read the Bible and learn to know God better it can have an impact on our mental, emotional and physical health. This in turn makes such impact on the level of hope we have for the future.


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Start With Why


”Know your why this is the driving force behind everything.”

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to live a life where you are really fulfilled? Think about waking up everyday filled with joy because you know the “why” behind what you do and imagine going to bed with excitement because of what you accomplished that day.

Sometimes we go through life focused so much on the “what” and “how”of making things happen that we begin to feel stuck because we don’t understand the “why’ behind making things happen.  We may ask ourselves questions like: “What do I need to do?” “How am I going to get there?” “What does it really take?” These questions may seem overwhelming when we don’t have an understanding of the  “why” behind what we do. Imagine what would happen if we stopped focusing so much on the “what” and “how” and really took time to discover our “why.”

Whenever you think about your “why,” imagine it being like the glue behind everything you do it’s purpose helps everything  to stick together. When you have the glue it’s easier to figure out the  “what” which represents the pieces that are needed and the “how“ which represents where each piece belongs.

“When you know your why, you’ll know your way.”-Michael Hyatt
Why is it important to know your “why”?

1. “Why ” makes you mission and vision driven

“Why” represents purpose.  Purpose is the driving force behind everything. Its easier to discover your mission and have vision for your life when you understand your purpose.  Understanding your purpose brings a sense of meaning and fulfillment. In order to really live life on purpose, which we talked about in the last blog post there has to be something greater to live for. Having a mission and vision keeps you moving towards accomplishing something in life so that you’re not just roaming aimlessly through life.

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.- Prov. 29:18

2. “Why” helps you to determine the “what” and the “how”

When you know your “why” its easier to discover the steps you need to take and what will help you reach your ultimate goal. When we focus on the “what” and “how” before understanding the “why” we limit ourselves in understanding the changes that we need to make in order to make things work. When we understand the “why” and make changes as needed innovation is able to emerge.

3. “Why” helps us to reach long term success

Understanding our “why” will help us to reach long term success. The journey to reaching success is a process and with that comes high and low moments. In both the high and low moments its important to remember your ‘why’ because,  when everything is going great your “why” is what will keep you focused and humble. When you experience those low moments and are thinking about quitting your “why” is what will keep you motivated to push through the discouragement. Understanding your “why” helps you to be patient and have an understanding that success and the journey to reach our goals and dream is not a sprint its a marathon.

“When you feel like quitting think about why you started.”

Think about your purpose, what’s your “why?” Why are you doing what you do everyday? How is what you are doing helping you to fulfill your purpose? I want to encourage you to discover your “why.” Don’t allow yourself to just roam aimlessly through life, focus on discovering your “why” and the “what” and the “how” will come.

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Living on Purpose

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The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover pursuit that, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.” ―Terry Orlick


Have you ever asked yourself the questions, “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” “What am I doing with my life?” “Where am I going?” We ask ourselves many of those questions because we have an understanding that we have a purpose to fulfill that will truly give us meaning in life. Just the thought of discovering that sense of meaning gets us so excited and hopeful about the future. But, why is it that we find ourselves overwhelmed with just working to live? Why is it that we allow the outside things that are screaming for first place in our lives to distract us from pursuing the things that really sets our heart on fire.

“The human race is a monotonous affair. Most people spend the greatest part of their time working in order to live, and what little freedom remains so fills them with fear that they seek out any and every means to be rid of it.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We live our lives everyday with the expectation that we have forever to discover our purpose and to see many of the dreams in our heart fulfilled, but what we don’t realize is that tomorrow is not promised. What would happen if we begin to live each day as if it were our last day? What are the things we would do differently? What are the dreams we have that would already be fulfilled?

We spend our lives chasing after things that will give us immediate satisfaction that we miss out of discovering the things of purpose that will fulfilled us for a lifetime. Think about how different our lives would be if we really lived on purpose.

What are the things that will help us live on purpose?
1.) Know what you want in life

We all have things that we one day dream of accomplishing. Creating goals will help us stay on track to reach those accomplishments. Goal setting is not something we do once a year.  In order to reach our big goals we must set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals to help us fulfill those big goals. When we set smaller goals to reach our bigger goals this keeps us accountable to ourselves and keeps us on track to reaching our goals. Take time to  write down and discover what you want out of life. Life can be so busy that we must learn to get still and examine where we are and where we want to be.

2.) Set Priorities

We have to set priorities. If we don’t have a plan so many of the everyday activities, and events will steal away time for the things that are important to us. Write down the things that are important to you, things that add value and make you happy. If we want to live on purpose we must identify the things that really matter to us.

3.) Follow your passion

What are the things that get you excited about life? Passion is what will keep you motivated when the going gets tough. When you are focused on something you are passionate about your motivation comes from within. Following your passion will push you to reach your goals and dreams.

4.) Commit to your personal growth

When you commit to grow personally you make one of the biggest investments in your future. When you are constantly growing and challenging the limits that have been placed on you all your life, you discover a whole new world filled with opportunity and potential that many people have yet to tap into. The more you grow yourself the greater the opportunity you have to discover and learn things about yourself that you may have not known. When we are growing we can discover many of the gifts and talents that we have on the inside of us, which would help us to walk in our God given purpose.

I want to challenge you to begin to live life on purpose. Life is short so don’t waste it wishing that things would happen, get to work and make things happen.

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Winning in Your Personal Life

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“Don’t live the same day over and over again and call that a life. Life is about evolving mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.”
― Germany Kent

We only get one life while here on this earth, so why not make it count? Why not win? Why not build and work hard to create the life we want? We dream and hope that things will one day happen, but whats holding us back from really seeing those dreams accomplished.  Is it the responsibilities of today? Are we so focused on everything or everyone else that we don’t stop to think about the dreams that are sitting in our hearts dying to be fulfilled.

Our everyday experiences and stresses of today has gotten us so caught up, that we forget about the future and creating a better tomorrow. Sometimes it’s the things that we experienced in the past that still has us stuck in the past while life is continuing to pass us by. Why can’t we move forward? Why are we still allowing what we experienced yesterday to keep us from building a brighter future? Why don’t we seek the help and find the healing that we need to move forward?  As we discussed in last week’s blog “The moment we take responsibility for everything in our life is the moment we can change anything in our lives.” Part of taking responsibility is taking the necessary steps to help ourselves move forward. We will never have a perfect life but we can work to create a better life thats continually growing and getting better with each new day.

“Don’t become complacent because ‘things could be worse’ but rather get busy because ‘things could be better’.”
― Bobby Darnell

Imagine how different our lives would be if we would move forward from everything that has held us back? Imagine what dreams would be accomplished sooner than later. Think about the change this world and the people who are around you would experience because  you are fulfilling your dreams.

So, What do we need to do in order to create a winning personal life?

1.) Focus on getting better every day

Every day we have an opportunity to start fresh. We must focus our attention on becoming better than we were yesterday. Ask yourself “What can I do better today?” “What changes do I need to make?” If we focus on becoming the best version of ourselves we will be able to accomplish the dreams and goals we have set. When we make the decision to continually get better our lives become better.

2.) Don’t compare or compete

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or vice versa. When we compare or compete we limit our creative ability and make someone else’s measurement the standard for our lives. We hinder ourselves in truly becoming the best version of us if we are using someone else to measure us. What if instead of competing or comparing we focused all of our energy on getting better and mastering our skills and our craft? Imagine how less stressful our lives would be.

3.) A lesson learned is never a loss

No matter what happens in life, there is always a lesson to learn through what we experience. Although our experiences can be painful; they are valuable in helping us grow. When we make the decision to grow through every experience it keeps us hopeful about life which helps  us to maintain a winning attitude.

“I never lose. I either win or I learn.” -Nelson Mandela

We can create and build a life where we are winning and moving forward, while seeing all of our dreams and goals accomplished. All it takes is your determining in your heart that you refuse to stay where you are. I want to encourage you to move forward, you only get one life so make it count. Take steps to accomplish your dream. Lets win together.

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Taking Responsibility

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“The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life.”-Hal Elrod

Have you ever encountered a season of your life where you felt unsatisfied with where you were? You may have thought to yourself, “How in the world did I get to this place?” You experienced the feelings of frustration and disappointment which tried to overwhelm and wreck your emotional state. A season like this can be so uncomfortable and a obvious sign that something needs to change.

We’ve all been to that place at some point in our lives, but what I’ve learned is that in those moments lies the greatest opportunities to take responsibility and experience transformational change. Taking responsibility gives us the opportunity to be in control of the outcome of our situation. Think about how different life would be if we really took complete responsibility for our lives. Imagine the growth we would experience, imagine the dreams that would be fulfilled because we didn’t allow what or who we encountered to keep us stuck.

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.” ~ Jim Rohn

There will be situations that we experience that are not in our control and that we can’t change but we can change our response to it. How we respond to what we encounter changes everything. When we take responsibility we learn, grow and make changes so we don’t fall into the trap of our first encounter. When we don’t take responsibility we fall into the trap and become a victim and this keeps us stuck in the same frustrated place.

How do we take responsibility for our lives?

1.) Eliminate excuses

Excuses never result in positive change. When we make excuses it keeps us stuck and limited. Excuses may give us comfort in the short term but it damages us in the long term because it keep us from moving forward and experiencing the change that can help us accomplish dreams.

2.) Be intentional

Be intentional about your thoughts, attitudes and actions because they determine how you respond. If you allow negativity to dominate your thoughts your attitudes and actions will reflect that. If you allow positivity to dominate you will respond in a positive manner and are more likely to produce positive results. Intentionality gives us the power to create the outcome we want.

3.) Create solutions

Create solutions that will give you the outcome you desire. When we take responsibility the ball is in our court and we are in control of the steps we take to reach our goals. Having the opportunity to create solutions challenges our minds to think outside of the box which results in us growing through what we encountered. Creating solutions gives us the chance to build the life we want.

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” ~ Winston Churchill

Taking responsibility is a choice that many people shy awake from because it requires work. If we really want to be successful and live the life of our dreams we have to begin to take responsibility for everything in our lives. When we place blame on other things or situations, it hinders us from experiencing the change we need in order to move forward. No one will ever have a perfect life but we can create a better life by taking responsibility and getting better everyday.

What are the things in your life you want to see change? I want to challenge you to begin think of ways you can make those changes and move forward. Your future is depending on it.

“Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility.”-Grant Cardone

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